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Are You Showing Your “True Colors” or Just Sitting on Your “Gold Assets”?

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Have you ever been afraid to show your “true colors” as a meeting presenter or participant? Have you sat on great ideas, stories, or examples out of fear? Afraid of rejection, criticism or just looking bad?

Me too! I can’t tell you how many meetings I sat in and watched others throw out weak ideas or make boring presentations. And I sat there, secretly knowing I could do a better job. I spent years literally sitting on my “gold assets”. What are your “gold assets”? Your personality, experience, talent, and strengths only you can offer!

Have you ever sat on your “gold assets”? If you have, you’re not alone. But here’s the problem.

When you don’t use your “gold assets”—for fear of rejection or criticism—you suffer. Your listeners don’t see the real you, your skills get under-valued, and your talent gets overlooked.

After years of suffering, I finally reached out for help. And I found my voice in communications training. I spent 12 years in Toastmasters International. But I got my best advice after my first speech.

I can still remember that warm spring day in 2003. I was afraid. Afraid of making a mistake, afraid of looking stupid, and afraid of revealing too much of myself.

I stood in front of my Toastmasters Club and spoke lifeless words. As I talked, I told myself: “If you hold on to the lectern, they won’t see your hands shaking. If you talk fast, this will be over quickly. If you don’t look at the audience, they won’t see the fear in your eyes. If you read your speech, you won’t leave out any important details.”

When my five minutes of torture was over, my speech evaluator gave me this advice:

“Rosalyn, your speech was missing something. You left yourself out of the picture. You have a sense of humor. You left that out. You’re a great writer. You left that out. You left out your GOLD ASSETS and gave us a long string of words with no emotion, energy, and meaning. When you leave your ‘gold’ out, your audience will tune you out!”

Your “gold” is the difference between “boring” and “brilliant” presentations. As a public speaking coach, I tell my clients, “If you want to connect with an audience, you have to mine your gold.”

When you “mine your gold”, everybody wins. When you put your unique experience, personality, talent, and strengths in your presentations; those four “gold assets” make you more valuable as a leader, expert, and rising star!

If you don’t know your unique gold assets, how to mine them and when to put them in your presentations, join my upcoming “MINE YOUR GOLD” public speaking class. For details, click https://mailchi.mp/betterspeakingskills/mine-your-gold


Rosalyn Porter

Rosalyn Porter

Rosalyn Gist Porter, MBA, founded Better Speaking Skills after more than 20 years in corporate communications as a manager, writer, and editor, for major corporations such as Lockheed Martin. Today, she helps coaches, business owners, executives, salespeople, sales teams, and other professionals increase sales, confidence, and influence with powerful public speaking and presentation skills! Rosalyn is Certified World Class Speaking Coach and a proud member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

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