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3 Ways to Boost Your STEM Career

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The problem today is that more than 80 percent of women in STEM careers want leadership development training. But they aren’t getting it. Research shows that organizations are more likely to provide leadership training to men.

Instead of getting frustrated and stuck in entry-level or mid-management positions, there’s something you can do to boost your skills and your career. If you are a woman in a science, technology, engineering or math field, you can take three steps to get the leadership training you want:

  1. First, take ownership of your career development. Look for ways to develop your communications and leadership skills.
  2. Second, learn how to leverage your non-verbal skills. Master proven ways to use your body language to project confidence and authority.
  3. Third, raise your profile as a subject matter expert. When you develop your public speaking skills, you put yourself in position to take advantage of speaking opportunities, at high-profile forums and conferences, that elevate your reputation as a leader.

Great leaders need many skills. Communications is always high on the list. Leaders must inspire, motivate, explain, influence and persuade people on a daily basis. Sometimes your communication is one-on-one talks and many times you must give business presentations. If you want to improve your presentations skills, look to online training to quickly get up to speed.

When you are giving a presentation, all eyes are not on your slides. You must know how to emphasize your words with your body language. Don’t underestimate the power of facial expressions, hand gestures, and body movements!

Do you want to get on the fast-track for career advancement? Raise your profile by making internal presentations at meetings and speaking at industry events. Your public speaking skills can help brand you as a leader, subject matter expert, and rising star.

As a public speaking coach, I work with women in STEM careers who are smart, ambitious, and looking for a competitive edge. If your next promotion depends on your presentation skills, take steps now to level up in that area.

Leadership Coach Gina Dolin and I are teaming up to deliver a six-week (Saturday only) virtual public speaking boot camp for savvy women in STEM and non-STEM careers who want stronger presentation skills. Gina is a former software engineer and a STEM evangelist. I’m a former technical writer who has been helping women leaders become better communicators since 2014.

“Rosalyn and I created this boot camp for women with technical expertise, who struggle to communicate with power and passion. This highly-interactive boot camp will give you practical, proven presentation tools,” said Gina.

Boot camp participants will learn and practice strategies that will help you:

  • Keep any audience (live or virtual) glued to your message.
  • Make a lasting impact with your voice, pauses and body language.
  • Change hearts, minds and decisions with a powerful story.

This Zoom boot camp is for you if you want to:

  • Improve your confidence and influence as a speaker.
  • Better read your audience and move them to action.
  • Energize your virtual presentations and make them more fun.
  • Take your communications skills from “good enough” to rock star status!

If you are ready sharpen your leadership and presentations skills, sign up for the six-week Public Speaking Boot Camp for Savvy Women. To register for the one-hour weekly workshop, which runs Saturday, Sept. 12 to Oct. 17, click https://www.eventbrite.com/e/6-week-public-speaking-boot-camp-tickets-117454833569 and select one date to register for all six sessions.

Rosalyn Porter

Rosalyn Porter

Rosalyn Gist Porter, MBA, founded Better Speaking Skills after more than 20 years in corporate communications as a manager, writer, and editor, for major corporations such as Lockheed Martin. Today, she helps coaches, business owners, executives, salespeople, sales teams, and other professionals increase sales, confidence, and influence with powerful public speaking and presentation skills! Rosalyn is Certified World Class Speaking Coach and a proud member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

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